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We have visited almost all of the beaches in Puerto Rico and we’d like to share our top 6 favorites with you. With so many beautiful beaches dotting the shores of Puerto Rico it was difficult to pick only 6 as our favorites but we did it! If sun, sand and surf are on your list of fun things to enjoy while on this beautiful tropical island then check out our top 6 favorite beaches in Puerto Rico.

Blue skies, swaying palms and warm sunshine await you on the beaches in Puerto Rico!

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Our Pick of the 6 Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

1) Flamenco Beach on Culebra Island

Flamenco Beach on Culebra Island gets our vote for the most beautiful beach in Puerto Rico and is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Culebra Island can be reached by a flight from Puerto Rico’s mainland or by ferry from the town of Fajardo. Check out for more information.

Flamenco Beach with over a mile of white sand beach and crystal clear turquoise water is what postcards are made of. We have visited this beach many times and have always found it to be a peaceful and relaxing beach. There are concession stands with local food and drink, lifeguards and restrooms. And if you’re interested there is also a campground here.

Flamenco Beach definitely gets our vote for the most beautiful beach in Puerto Rico! It has some of the most crystal clear water of all the beaches in Puerto Rico.

2) Playa Sucia in Cabo Rojo

Playa Sucia in Cabo Rojo gets our vote for the most peaceful beach in Puerto Rico. The crescent shaped bay is well protected preventing strong waves from reaching the beach. The beach is long enough so there is plenty of room for people to spread out making the beach seem empty most of the time.

Playa Sucia’s setting with its view of the lighthouse on the cliff above is truly stunning. White sand and turquoise water in a beautiful crescent shape is ideal for a relaxing day at the beach. There are no facilities here and the road to the beach is a little tricky but we find the beach and a visit to the Cabo Rojo lighthouse a must when we are in Puerto Rico.

Cabo Rojo (Los Morrillos) lighthouse is a must see when you visit Playa Sucia. We took the walk to the lighthouse and surrounding cliffs first then rewarded ourselves with a swim in the warm, calm waters of Playa Sucia afterwards. The beach is located on the other side of the cliffs.

3) Luquillo Beach in Luquillo

Luquillo Beach gets our vote for the most family friendly beach in Puerto Rico. Luquillo Beach is a very popular beach for locals and tourist alike. The water here is usually calm and clear making it perfect for families with small children. The view of the mountains makes this one of my favorite beaches in Puerto Rico.

Luquillo Beach has many conveniences and food kiosks for families to enjoy. The beach is clean with plenty of activities to enjoy. Lifeguards, picnic tables, restrooms, showers and kayak rentals are available.

The food kiosks outside the entry to Luquillo Beach offer a variety of traditional Puerto Rican food and drinks. We sampled several different food items and found them to be quite tasty. It was certainly part of the true Puerto Rican atmosphere and we found it to be a fun part of our experience in Puerto Rico.

4) Steps Beach in Rincon

Steps Beach in Rincon gets our vote for the most tropical beach in Puerto Rico. This beautiful beach in Rincon is one of the great surfing beaches in Puerto Rico during the winter surfing season. The beach becomes a good snorkeling and swimming spot during the off season when the waves die down.

Both sides of Step Beach in Puerto Rico have a magnificent tropical look that is hard to beat! Be on the lookout for the set of concrete steps sitting on the shore that gave this picturesque beach its name.

5) Crash Boat in Aguadilla

Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla gets our vote for most colorful beach in Puerto Rico. Of all the beaches in Puerto Rico that we have visited, this one with its fishing boats has to be the most colorful of all. There are several food stands here that serve very reasonably priced traditional Puerto Rico food.

Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla is popular with locals and tourist and can get crowded but there is room to spread out farther down the beach. When the water is calm the area near the pier seems to be a popular snorkeling spot.

The colorful fishing boats that line Crash Boat Beach along with the amazingly soft sand and warm, crystal clear water set the mood for a fun day at the beach.

6) Punta Tuna Beach in Maunabo

Punta Tuna Beach in Maunabo gets our vote for most scenic beach in Puerto Rico. This golden sand beach lined with tropical coconut and banana trees with a mountainous backdrop is one of the most scenic beaches in Puerto Rico. We spotted this beach on one of our visits to the Punta Tuna Lighthouse and were amazed by its natural beauty.

On our next visit to Puerto Rico we stayed in Maunabo for the night and made our way to Punta Tuna Beach for an early morning walk and stunning views of the Punta Tuna lighthouse on the cliffs above the beach.

To get to Punta Tuna Beach we parked at the Punta Tuna Lighthouse parking area and walked through this pathway that leads to the beach. The walk itself was quite scenic but the view once we come out at the beach was amazing.

So there you have it; our top 6 favorite beaches in Puerto Rico. I hope you enjoyed our review of these fabulous beaches in Puerto Rico and that you will share your favorites in the comments below. As always, we look forward to hearing from you!

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