Garden of the Gods, CO

Garden of the Gods in Colorado will have you wondering – the huge sandstone formations in Garden of the Gods tower high above their surroundings in a fascinating park in Colorado Springs.

The first time I saw Garden of the Gods I knew immediately that the park was appropriately named. Walking close to these rock formations will make you feel small in such wondrous surroundings.

Where is Garden of the Gods?

Formations at Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is a one of a kind natural wonder located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The rock formations are huge and tower high above their relatively level surroundings similar to the sandstone formations we saw in Monument Valley. Spectacular views and 300-foot towering sandstone rock formations set the scene at Garden of the Gods.

Sandstone formations at the Garden of the Gods

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Garden of the Gods has been referred to as “the most striking contrast between plains and mountains in North America” and it’s easy to see why. The huge sandstone rock formations jut out of the otherwise level ground giving them a strange appearance of being totally out of place. Does anyone have any idea on how something like this is formed??

Garden of the Gods, Colorado

At Garden of the Gods, Colorado there are miles of trails throughout the park for hiking, walking and horseback riding. You will find an easy paved 1.5 mile trail running throughout the heart of the park. This path brings you to the base of the highest rock formations and is relatively level. Spectacular! Technical rock climbing and mountain biking are also popular activities in the park. We saw several rock climbers making their way to the top of rocks the day we were there. And even more bikers and hikers on the trails. All one-way roads through the park also have paved bike lanes.

Mule Deer at the Garden of the Gods
Western Scrub Jay at the Garden of the Gods

We spotted several different species of birds as well as many deer. The deer seemed unafraid of the moving cars and wandered slowly across the road. Cars traveling through the park are moving at a slow rate of speed but it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for wildlife as you drive through the park. The beautiful blue colored bird is the Western Scrub-Jay.

Exploring in the Garden of the Gods

It was late afternoon when we arrived at the park but there was still plenty of time to explore. We took the paved drive around the park and viewed the formations from our car first. There are several areas for parking or to pull over to view the formations from your car. After touring the park in our car we hiked one of the trails taking time to climb some of the smaller formations where we could get a better vantage point. The scenery here is dramatic. We visited in October and the air was cool and fresh. What a glorious day to be outdoors surrounded by nature in all her glory!

Mountains surrounding the Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is located approximately 10 miles west of Pikes Peak and 130 miles south of Estes Park. Pikes Peak can be seen from Garden of the Gods and makes a splendid background for the park. There is something for everyone to enjoy here. Hiking, biking, rock climbing and horseback riding. Entrance to the park is free. There are 2 picnic areas in the park and charcoal Bar-B-Q grills are available for your use. There is also a Visitor & Nature Center at the entrance to the park. We were fascinated by these unusual formations and the beauty of the surrounding area. We enjoyed our visit and look forward to returning on our next trip to Colorado!

This was quiet an experience. The pictures really don’t do it justice. In one of the photos above there is actually a guy hiking near one of the trees, those are full size pine trees btw. Maybe I should have zoomed up on the hiker, or somehow given a better angle.

Have any of you been to Garden of the Gods before? Or know any interesting facts about Garden of the Gods? Let us know in the comments below!

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