Gondolier Venice Canal Bridge

We found some of the best places and things to photograph while in Venice, Italy were along the narrow streets and canals away from the crowds and touristy areas. We strolled along the neighborhoods of this fascinating and romantic city and got totally lost, which was perfectly fine with us. We were completely immersed in the day to day lives of the Venetians. It was here that we found inspiring photo opportunities while experiencing the true charm of Venice.

Wandering along the narrow back streets and over the small bridges were some of the most enjoyable times we spent in Venice. During early morning walks we saw the city come to life. Residents emerged from their homes on their way to work, shop owners swept their front entrances and Gondoliers prepared their gondolas for their first passengers of the day. In the evenings, as the sun was setting and the lights began to twinkle, the city took on a calmer, slower pace that was also fascinating to photograph.

Hotel Apostolic Palace – Where We Stayed

Hotel Apostoli Palace Venice Italy

We booked a room for 3 days at the Hotel Apostoli Palace which is away from the main tourist areas in Venice, Italy. Here we were not only able to experience the day to day lives of the local residents but also avoid the crowds most of the time. Staying at Hotel Apostoli Palace put us right in the middle of the true Venice that we wanted to experience and photograph. Hotel Apostoli Palace, the bright orange and yellow building, is a small Palace built in 1450. It is lovely inside and the staff was friendly and helpful. We enjoyed our stay here and would highly recommend this hotel if you want to be away from the more crowed, touristy areas of Venice.

About Us

About Us

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Balcony View Hotel Apostoli Palace Venice Italy

The view from the balcony of the breakfast area at Hotel Apostoli Palace was full of old world charm – a photographers dream setting!

Courtyard View Hotel Apostoli Venice Italy

The courtyard below the balcony at Hotel Apostoli Palace was bathed in early morning light. The sunlight shining on this scene enhanced the charm of this fascinating setting.

Small Streets & Canals in Venice, Italy

Narrow Back Street Venice Italy

Get lost off the beaten path along the small streets – you will find great subjects to photograph around every corner – just use your imagination!

Small Canal Boats Colorful Buildings Venice Italy

Early morning sunlight creating reflections in the canals will offer great photo opportunities. We were in awe of the architecture and the novelty of canals for streets as we wandered the neighborhoods in Venice, Italy.

Start of a New Day in Venice, Italy

Neighborhood Venice Italy Autumn

Venice, Italy has many small neighborhoods that can be explored for photo possibilities. As we enjoyed strolling around we came upon this colorful area and captured this candid moment. Try to photograph people as they go about their daily lives; your photos will tell the viewer the story of what you saw.

Venice Italy Quiet Sitting Area

We found this picturesque little sitting area right on the side of a tiny canal in Venice. It was the perfect spot to relax, enjoy the view and savor the time we had in Venice.

Venice Italy Neighborhood Architecture

Venetians in this more secluded neighborhood were on their way to start the workday. This area had fascinating architecture and character. It was the best example of a true Venice, Italy neighborhood that we saw and it provided us with many great photo options.

Gondolier Gondola Bridge Canal Venice Italy

This Gondolier was preparing his gondola for a new day giving us another opportunity for a great candid shot. Walking along the narrow streets and over the small bridges is where we found true Venetian atmosphere along with many opportunities to photograph the unique way of life in Venice, Italy.

Newspaper Magazine Stand Venice Italy

Newspaper stands in Venice make colorful subjects. This stand had just opened for the day and we were able to capture the vendor and her customer in our image telling another story of life in Venice, Italy.

Window Displays

Pies Desserts Shop Window Venice Italy
Shop Window Pasta Venice Italy

Window displays make great photographs of the different varieties of food in Venice. Photograph the yummy treats and types of pasta neatly arranged in the shop windows. Again, arriving early will give you the best images of newly displayed delicacies.

Architecture in Venice, Italy

Architecture Windows Arches Venice Italy

Architecture in Venice, Italy is a visual treat and some of the most charming in the world. The colors, lines and arches are all great subjects to photograph!

Architecture Details Flowers Windows Venice Italy

Architectural details in Venice make excellent photographs. The colorful flowers and pottery add to the pleasing effect of this composition.

Produce & Fish Markets in Venice, Italy

Market Venice Fruits Vegetables Italy

The markets in Venice are overflowing with fresh fruits and vegetables, especially early in the day. Try to arrive early for great photo opportunities when locals are out shopping and the displays are at their finest.

Produce Stand Venice Italy

Produce stands are great places to photograph colorful fruits and vegetable and to take candid shots of daily life in Venice. We found this beautiful produce stand in one of the small back streets in Venice.

Fish Seafood Market Venice Italy

The fish market, loaded with some of the freshest seafood we have ever seen, is also a great place to capture vivid photos. Arrive at the market early in the day when the boats first unload their catch for some great shots!

Don’t Overlook the Big Scene!

We did of course visit the popular sites in Venice; you can’t come here and not experience St. Marks Square, Doges Palace, the magnificent churches, bridges and the Grand Canal. I’m simply saying if you don’t get off the beaten path in Venice, Italy you may miss the true essence of the city, its people and the many wonderful opportunities to photograph them.

St Marks Square High Tide Venice Italy

St. Marks Square in Venice, Italy can put a damper on your vacation during times of flooding. While most people may think the water is a nuisance, this little girl enjoys wading in the water barefoot. No matter where you are always look for the unexpected candid moment to photograph. You never know when that special shot may appear.

Sunset in Venice, Italy

Gondolier Gondola Sunset Grand Canal Venice Italy

Gondoliers with their gondolas were awaiting passengers in the early evening. Watching the sun go down as we stood on Rialto Bridge overlooking the Grand Canal we noticed this scene. This is a magical time of day in Venice. The sun is setting, many of the tourists have left, and the lights begin to make Venice twinkle. Look for lights reflecting in the water and the setting sun glowing on the buildings that line the canals, you are sure to get some amazing shots.

We found Venice, Italy to be the most picturesque and fascinating place we have ever had the opportunity to visited and photograph. Three days in Venice was not enough time for us to see and do all of the things that we wanted to do. It especially was not enough time to photograph everything we wanted to – so I’m guessing we’ll just have to return – and I’m hoping it’s really soon!

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