Cannery Pier Hotel - Astoria, Oregon

The Cannery Pier Hotel is located in Astoria, Oregon on the Columbia River.  It offers spectacular views of the river and its daily activities as well as the Astoria Bridge. On our recent trip to Oregon we spent several days exploring the Columbia River Gorge and many of the scenic drives and hikes in Oregon. We started out here in Astoria at the Cannery Pier Hotel near the mouth of the Columbia River and continued to explore the amazing sites in Oregon. Some of which included our hike along the scenic McKenzie River Trail where we were amazed by the spectacular waterfalls and our drive through the Hood River Valley for a day full of scenic beauty.

Cannery Pier Hotel

Cannery Pier Hotel Astoria, Oregon

As the name indicates, the Cannery Pier Hotel was built on the site of a former fish cannery. The hotel is located 600 feet into the mighty Columbia River and next to the Astoria-Megler Bridge that connects Oregon and Washington. This luxury boutique hotel is an excellent choice for relaxation and watching the ships as they come and go along the Columbia River and under the bridge. The rooms are spacious and clean and the beds are comfortable. Rooms overlooking the water offer an exceptional view of the river and the passing ships. There is no restaurant at the hotel but they do offer a continental breakfast. The staff is friendly and helpful offering suggestions for restaurants and entertainment in Astoria. The hotel has a classic car service that will take you to the restaurant of your choice and later pick you up when called to return you to the hotel. Very nice touch!

The Megler Bridge

Megler Bridge Astoria Oregon

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The Megler Bridge in Astoria is located in the northwest corner of Oregon. Spanning the Columbia River it links the states of Oregon and Washington. The bridge’s main span is 1,232 feet making it the nation’s longest continuous truss bridge. Due to its location spanning the mighty Columbia River, the bridge was designed to withstand some of the roughest acts of nature. Wind gust of 150 miles per hour from fierce pacific storms and whole trees that are sometimes swept along by raging water still present a safety factor to the bridge.

We drove across the Astoria bridge from Oregon to Washington. The view of the Columbia River and the surrounding area from the bridge was beautiful. We really enjoyed our stay at the Cannery Pier Hotel and the drive across this amazing bridge.

This was just the start of our trip and we had many adventures planned for the next 10 days. We will be touring the Columbia River Gorge and stopping to see many of the spectacular waterfalls along the way. We’ll travel through the Hood River Valley, and visit historic Timberland Lodge located on dramatic Mt. Hood. Mt. St. Helens is also on our list. It’s a busy itinerary and I’m looking forward to writing more on these sights soon. I’ll keep you posted and in the mean time – Happy Travels!

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